Predator 8K Cues

Predator 8K Series cues are sure to sharpen your game’s edge. There's a fine line between victory and defeat, so precision is paramount when it comes to winning. Featuring exquisite design and first-class technology, 8K Cues give players the advantage to dominate the competition.

Predator 8k Series Cues

Don't let their sleek exteriors fool you, because Predator 8K Series Cues are the epitome of power. There are four cues in the series, each covered by sleeves of exotic wood not possible without their patented C4+ technology. These sleeves combine form and function for commanding gameplay. Predator 8K Series Cues are handcrafted to fit your needs, and engineered for precision and accuracy. With a cue of this caliber, victory is well within your reach.

Predator 8K Series Cues use C4+ technology to help construct a superior cue. With C4+, four wedges fit comfortably to create the ultimate billiard tool. The 4-piece core creates stability in the cue, making each shot more precise than your last. Not only are these cues top-of-the-line in accuracy, but they’re built to last with their distinct Leather Luxe Wrap. The Luxe Wrap has a polyurethane top layer that lets humidity through, while the middle layer absorbs and releases moisture, increasing cue longevity. These cues are also reinforced with Phenolic parts, held together with a Uni-Loc pin sheathed in a Phenolic core. All wooden joints are Phenolic as well, which creates great feedback.

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