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Predator Jump and Break Cues

Breakthrough Technology like no other. Predator Break Cues deliver power, speed and accuracy resulting in an explosive performance. Experience the best break cues in the market today, the renowned Predator's BK Cue Series.

Learn more about the power of the Predator BK3 Break Cue


The balance point of Predatorís BK3 cue has been re-calibrated to increase strength and efficiency. This balance point cue has the same weight and feel as a normal cue, so your gameplay is still on point while being more precise. Predator's research and testing by top professionals led to the creation of the balance point cue you see before you.

Carbon Fiber Reinforced

The BK3 shaft is reinforced with carbon fiber, so thereís more strength behind your shot, as well as greater accuracy. The weight of the cue does not change, but your gameplay does, delivering more force to the cue ball from the get-go.

4-Piece Construction

Power comes seamlessly with BK3ís four-piece fused construction. By eliminating the A-joint and fusing these four pieces together, the cue remains strong, but feels unique. Itís like nothing youíve ever played with before. With this technology, you'll be able to effortlessly transfer energy from cue to cue ball with as little or as much power as you want.

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