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Tip Tools: Porper's Little Shaver
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Tip Tools: Porper's Little Shaver

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Made of hard carbon steel, the Little Shaver's round cutter surface trims your pool cue tip straight and even with the ferrule. Works on both new and mushroomed tips.
Tip Tools: Porper's Little Shaver
3 Stars based on 7 Review(s)
4 Stars
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Poroer's little shaver
November 23, 2015
Works good for trimming tips.

Queensland Australia.
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Excellent tool
April 27, 2013
This tool has a great deal of potential, and would like to try the big shaver. For use with both the American style and English style cue, this mushroom graser and burnishing rubber works well. Haved used on a blue dimond 10mm english tip very mushroomed with extremely soft walls. The "little shaver" trimmed the walls rather well and without scoring the feral or leaving a heavy lip on the top rim of tip. Also by not cutting in at an angle tampering the tip, a support finish is obtained and a true radius and curvature is maintained on the striking surface of the tip. The rubber burnisher is an asset to the cue tip. By simply having a stronger wall the control is supior and fading with in the tip on contact minimises sponge hop when the tip compresses, the tip walls compressing to deep and throwing the cue ball out of the tip. Rubber burnishing equals greater control over a broader range of shots, From very soft to power strokes, also holds cueball well and reduces hop,and late release from a spongy tip may give. Which may contribute to the shot being played with a more push style of cue action rather than a deliberate pause-follow. Mich

1 Stars

don't bother
March 2, 2011
this product gouged the shaft when i tried to shave a 13mm tip to a 12.75 shaft and just to take that little amount of material off was more difficult than it would have been to use a medium grit sandpaper and rotate the shaft to sand down the tip. followed instructions exactly, but still it just didn't work very well at all. and i agree with one other reviewer, the shaver is very dull and takes quite a bit to shave a little at a time.

Clovis, CA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Porper's Little Shaver
February 2, 2011
Joe Porper basically makes three tools that do approximately the same job. The Little Shaver is a good tool to trim off the excess tip material to make it even with the ferrule from either new tip installation or mushroom trimming. Also, Porper's Mushroom Graser and Porper's Cut Rite Tip Shaper - Cutter are very good tools for this purpose and probably superior to the Little Shaver.

randy mcintosh
southern Illinois
1 Stars

September 10, 2010
could not even begin to figure out how this thing was suppose to work, directions say tilt and turn to cut almost ruined my predator shaft with two deep groves in the shaft,ozone should stop selling this thing.

Nathan Brugmann
2 Stars

Not Great
January 18, 2009
I got 1 of these to trim a new laminated tip from 14mm to 13mm. It does not perform as the description states. A carpenter\'s knife razor works better than this product. I gave it a poor rating cause it MIGHT shave the mushroom, otherwise, I would have given it an awful.

John Wasson
4 Stars

Not bad
October 20, 2008
This is a good product. Not as sharp as I would like, but is not that hard to sharpen. This design takes a little effort if you have a lot to shave off the sides of the tip, but works as described.

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