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Must Have Billiard Supplies for Your Cue Case

What's in Your Case? Check out our list of all the items needed in your cue case and make sure you've fully equipped yourself for any situation. Below you'll find the gear needed to keep your shaft clean and smooth, your tip shaped and fully chalked, and cue accessories like holders and extensions to make sure you're ready for action.

Not sure why you need some of the items listed below? We've compiled a list explaining why and when each item will come in handy on and off the pool table.

  • Tip Tool - Used to properly shape the tip of your pool cue to refine the sweet spot and increase your accuracy. A good tip tool is something that should always be in your case anytime you plan on playing pool. Some tools come with multi-functions and include tip picks and tip scuffers that also improve how much chalk the tip can hold.

  • Chalk - Even though chalk will also be around when playing pool, you should bring your own. Every chalk has a different texture and will play differently. Bring your own chalk that you're used to and use it consistently.

  • Chalk Holder - Keeping your chalk on your body is a good idea whenever you play competitively. If you leave the chalk on the table it will inevitably end up on the other side of the table at a crucial moment, after you've already eyed your shot.

  • Billiards Glove - A good glove is a great item to keep handy. Different gloves provide slightly different features like grips or fingerless tips. Wearing a comfortable glove on the bridge hand gives many players a smoother stroke without using talc.

  • Cue Wax - A good cue wax will help you keep your cue shafts in good condition. The wax will protect the shaft and will keep them in a smooth condition for consistent play.

  • Cue Cleaner - Shaft cleaners typically come in small containers and are easy to carry. Lots of use will cause your shafts to become dirty and full of chalk and residue. Keeping the shafts clean will increase the longevity of the wood.

  • Cue Extension - A good extension can either be fitted directly to your brand of cue or be a universal fit for any cue. Having one handy will give you more control when reaching for a long shot than a common bridge stick.

  • Cue Holder - A good cue holder will ensure that your cues stay on or near the table without the risk of them sliding and hitting the floor. If you've ever dropped your cue that way, you need a cue holder. They come in various sizes so get one that fits the number of cues you tend to keep out and at the ready.

  • Joint Protector - Protect your investment with a good joint protector to keep the threads from becoming damaged. Many high end cues come with joint protectors but even if you didn't spend a lot on your cue you should keep your joints in good shape. Once they become damaged it's too late.

  • Towel - A good clean towel is a great tool to keep handy for cleaning the shaft, applying the cue cleaner and keeping your hands and gear clean. Many players hook the towel off the side of their case so it's always hanging and ready.

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