MLB Team Pool Balls

Play ball with your favorite MLB teams! Many billiards players are naturally sports fans. When looking to combine your love of billiards with your love of baseball, our collection of MLB pool balls are the perfect answer! Check out this exciting new twist on the game of 8 ball. With these fun and exciting balls, you no longer have to play 8 ball with just solids and stripes. Now you can battle it out with Major League Baseball pool balls and show some love for your favorite team. All MLB balls feature the designated MLB team colors and logos in a precisely reproduced manner for a representation any true fan would be proud to own. (Styles and colors are subject to change without notice).

Balls are sold in standard sets of 16 count with an 8 ball, a cue ball featuring the official logo of the Major League Baseball association, and alternating balls to make up your stripes and solids. Choose from some of the most beloved teams in the history of baseball including the Yankees, Red Sox, Braves, and more to show you’re a dedicated fan of your team even when playing billiards. With an impressive attention to detail, every logo features an accurate representation of the team logo or mascot, depending on the team, and makes for a bold new way to play the traditional game of solids and stripes. Add this fun addition to your next game today!

PLEASE NOTE: These MLB balls are designed for games such as 8 ball that uses just solids and stripes. There are no numbers on these MLB pool balls.

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