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Longoni Cue Cases

Longoni Cue Cases are the safest and most resistant cases in the world. They are exclusively made in Italy with ABS Shock Resistant. No more fear for the safety of your cues, because besides saving from shocks, these cases allow an inimitable protection from the worst enemies: temperature changes and humidity. Made completely from ecological and recyclable materials and produced with the most professional and technological advanced systems for the protection of playing instruments. These cases allow you to fly on planes without fearing irremediable damages!

Longoni Cue Cases

With Longoni, all-Italian cue cases, your cues can safely go wherever you do. Assembled in Italy, these cases were made to efficiently and safely transport your cues. They’re ABS Shock Resistant, so whether you’re in a car, train, or airplane, your cues will remain secure and immovable. Yes, you read that right, they’re airplane-approved. Not only are these cases approved for air travel, but built to protect your cues from temperature and humidity. The ABS interior is not only resistant to shock, temperature, and humidity, but is made of an elastic plastic that molds to your cue to give it the ultimate protection it deserves.

Not only will your pool game be strong, but you’ll be playing in style, as each Longoni case is made of ecologically safe, recyclable material. Each case is handmade, making them distinct, yet consistent. They’re also highly durable, and covered by a 24-month guarantee. Longoni cue cases are elegant, sleek, and cushion each cue in a soft, yet firm, sponge that keeps your cue locked in place yet unquestionably safe.

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