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Layani Carom Cues

Layani Carom Cues are recognized internationally as one of best carom cues on the market. Layani Cues specializes in making high end carom cues with new technology, new designs and new features that will evolve the world of billiards. Being recognized internationally by todays top players and amateur players, we can say Layani Cues have accomplished their mission of building the perfect cue to bring out the best billiard player in you. Besides their unique and beautiful cue designs, experience the Layani Conical Joint Technology and superv Core Construction that seperates them from the rest and see why these cues are considered among the best in the world.

What is a Conical Joint?

Conical literally means cone shaped. Layani’s conical joint is an innovative joint based on a simple but very effective mechanical structure: the cone. These joints are composed of a male cone, made of linen phenolic and of a female cone made of aircraft grade aluminum. The two cones are fixed on one another while being held together by a 5/16x18 stud. Layani has recently added an anodize coating to prevent corrosion of the aluminum, increasing its durability.

What Does a Conical Joint Do?

The conical joint is designed to provide a perfect fit between shaft and butt during each hit. Joints are always the weakest point in the cue construction. The cone shape provides 5 times more surface area for the shaft and butt to meet, naturally binding them together during each hit, rather than repelling each other as with standard joint configurations. This particular joint configuration has a direct impact on energy transfer and vibration felt by the player.

Benefits of a Conical Joint

The result of all this technology for the player is a vibratory and mechanical continuity that no other joint can provide. As vibrations travel down the shaft they do not “hit a wall” as they would with a traditional flat joint. Instead, the vibrations are distributed smoothly throughout the butt providing a pure hit. All Layani cues are made with the conical joint system and all of their shafts are interchangeable on any of their butts.

LAYANI Core Construction

Layani Cues feature a hard Maple Core Construction that runs the length of the butt which enhances stability and durability. Most cues are jointed between the grip area and the forearm of the cue. Over time these joints create unwanted vibrations. The core provides a consistent backbone to the cue. In addition to strength and durability the consistent core system provides better feedback to the player. Players feel a pure, uninterrupted vibration due to the lack of additional joints in the butt. The maple used is also a lighter wood than most other exotic woods allowing Layani to use a broader variety of exotic woods since the core is consistent and light, keeping the weight of the cue in optimal range.
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