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Genuine Leather Cue Wrap - Sharkskin Pool Cue Wrap - Red
Genuine Leather Cue Wrap - Sharkskin Pool Cue Wrap - Red - Click to enlarge

Genuine Leather Cue Wrap - Sharkskin Pool Cue Wrap - Red

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The Castillo Leather Cue Wrap - Genuine Sharkskin - Red is possibly one of the most noticeable performance upgrades that can be completed on you prized pool cue. Hand crafted using only the highest quality hides available, Castillo Leather Cue Wraps are a great way to improve the grip and overall feel of your cue while also adding a touch of personal flare. Castillo Leather Wraps come in a variety of finishes including bullhide, sharkskin, embossed lizard, and ostrich. Measuring 13.5" Long x 4.5" Wide, they fit almost any cue on the market. Stop messing around with other sub-par cue wraps; choose to use Castillo! The Castillo Leather Cue Wrap - Genuine Sharkskin - Red features:
  • Hand-Made in the U.S.A.
  • Red Finished Genuine Sharkskin Wrap
  • Wrap Measures: 13.50"L x 4.50"W
  • Available in Black, Brown, Green, Grey, and Red Finishes
  • Replaces any Linen or Leather Wrap
Genuine Leather Cue Wrap - Sharkskin Pool Cue Wrap - Red
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5 Stars
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Form and Function at their Zenith
June 8, 2015
I never thought I'd ever buy a red sharkskin pool cue wrap; however, this wrap truly is form and function at their zenith. I can't a imagine a higher level of satisfaction with the look and feel of this wrap. I prefer wrapless cues, but a friend of mine introduced me to Dale Perry cues. I decided to buy three cues in separate auctions. I have since become a great fan of Dale Perry wrapless cues, but I didn't want to get rid of DP cues that had Irish linen wraps. One cue in particular is finished in what the cuemaker calls Smoke. It's a hard color to describe. It's a purplish, grayish color and the rings above the wrap on the forearm and on the sleeve below the wrap have a light shade of red in the very middle, so this Red Shark Skin wrap was my choice. This isn't a review on DP cues, but my review needed to show how well the wrap worked with the color of the cue it was put on. This wrap is extremely high quality. When you see the back of it, then you can see it really is genuine sharkskin. It was slightly rigid when it first arrived, but once it went on the cue, it became very soft to the touch. It isn't so soft or so thin that I'm worried about it being damaged. Sharkskin is extremely durable. As everyone knows, sharks aren't timid fish. They're at the top of the food chain for very good reasons. I expect their amour like skin to protect my cue, yet feel extremely comfortable in my hand. My expectations have been exceeded. The only unfortunate fact about shark skin wraps is I can't afford to put them on all 9 cues that I have with linen wraps. I'm totally convinced these shark skin wraps are the only way to play, if you plan on keeping the cue that you're putting it on for a very long time. I found a guy with over 30 years of experience installing every kind of wrap imaginable to put this wrap on my DP cue. I don't have the talent, the experience or the tools necessary to install any kind of wrap, so it was a no brainer to leave the job of installing a $50 wrap to a professional. I still can't believe how beautiful my cue is now. It was nice looking before, but it is off the chart beautiful now. I have a very light grip, but this grip is absolutely perfect regardless of the amount of power I use on a particular shot. I thoroughly used this cue and shark skin wrap to play several games. I used this cue to break with, to bank with and shoot with. Not once did my hand slip and, more importantly, after the second game of 8 ball, not once did I notice my cue had a wrap on it. This shark skin is that comfortable. Like I said earlier, I prefer wrapless cues, but this shark skin is slowly changing that preference. I hope this review is helpful to everyone. I will upload some photos of it soon. My Mac doesn't format pictures into jpegs, so I need to put my pictures on a PC and upload them to Ozone or get a program for my Mac that will convert pictures to jpegs. I'm very pleased with the way my cue looks with this red shark skin wrap on it. Just in case I didn't state it, the red color isn't a bright red. It's more crimson looking to me. This truly is form and function at it's best. Peace, Stevo Griffin

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