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Foosball Tables - Soccer Tables

The foosball tables you find at Ozone Billiards is unmatched on the internet or in a store. Our family series and our ourdoor foosball tables are made in Italy. We carry only the best made foosball tables that are meant to last for years of enjoyment.

Foosball Tables

Table Football, commonly referred to in the U.S. as Foosball dates all the way back to the 1920s. Played at a standing table, two players (singles) or four players (doubles) rotate a series of 4 rods on either side of the table. Each rod is equipped with small paddles in the shape of soccer players. The object is to use the paddles to knock a small ball into your opponentís goal, effectively mimicking the game of soccer on a small scale. The great thing about foosball for the home is that almost anyone can have fun playing table football. More skilled players definitely have an advantage but because itís such a fast game anyone can score at anytime making it highly competitive and highly addictive.

Foosball tables vary in quality but tend to be approximately the same general size (4.5íL x 2.5íW x 3íH), but youíll want to carefully read the dimensions of each table as they do vary in size a few inches from model to model. The relatively small size of most foosball tables makes them easy additions to most game rooms or finished basements. No game room? No problem. Ozone Billiards carries a highly popular line of outdoor foosball tables made of durable, weather resistant materials. The playing surface of the outdoor football table is slightly arched and equipped with small drains that prevent rain water and moister from collecting without affecting the playability of the table.

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