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Championship Pool Table Felt

Championship Pool Table Felt is made out of high quality billiard fabrics. A team of engineers, textile experts and old time billiard people came together to develop what is now known as the Championship Product Line of billiards fabrics. This is one of the most sold billiard cloth in the business today. Championship offers premium performance in pool table felt at a surprisingly affordable price with a complete line of worsted, woolen and specialty fabrics  in over 30 decorative colors. A Championship fabric for every use.

Which Championship Felt Line Works Best for You?

If you're not sure which billiard felt type is right for you, Championship has a chart that can help. Championship's pool table fabric chart lists the felts they offer and how they will or won't work given your particular situation. All their felts are suitable for home use, while only half their fabrics are appropriate for commercial use. Their Valley Teflon Ultra felt fits all categories but economical, making it a well-rounded fabric convenient in most situations.

Championship offers affordable worsted, woolen, and specialty felts in a variety of colors. Their fabrics are made for professional and amateur use, so depending on the type you're searching for, you're bound to find a felt that fits. Each felt type is built for optimal performance (as seen on the chart), and each one comes pre-cut.

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