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Championship Dark Green 9ft Invitational Felt with Teflon
Championship Dark Green 9ft Invitational Felt with Teflon - Click to enlarge

Championship Dark Green 9ft Invitational Felt with Teflon

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Championship Invitational Pool Table Felt with Teflon is the same great fabric that is used on the original Invitational line but it is bathed in DuPont™ Teflon™ before weaving. This process creates the only true liquid resistant fabric. If you spill something on it the liquid will just bead up. Then you can clean it up and keep playing without every knowing there was a spill. This cloth also features:
  • Cut Size: 60" x 111" bed plus 6 rail cuts
  • Woolen Billiard Fabric
  • 20oz Weight
  • 75% Wool / 25% Nylon Blend
  • DuPont Teflon for True Water and Stain Resistance
  • Master Spot and Two Pieces of Matching Silver Cup Chalk Included
Championship Dark Green 9ft Invitational Felt with Teflon
4 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Anderson, CA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Nice playing surface, good value.
August 25, 2014
My very first attempt at this after 50 years of playing. This is an old table. Simple, 1950's or 60's. Used to live in an old time pool hall so it ain't perfect. There was no spray glue used in this, I hand stretched it and stapled it. A great playing surface resulted. It is so much better than what a pro did last time. When you set your bridge, you can just barely get the cloth to budge. Makes your fingertips tingle. NIce. Plays faster than I expected, a very good thing. MINOR beefs. There are 3 noticeable variations in the cloth. The first is a line which runs the width of the table right behind the rack. It is about 2 ft from the finished edge of the cloth which is stapled along the foot. It affects play verrrrry slightly if the ball is rolling verrrrry slowly as it crosses at the just the right slant. Verrrrry. Did I say verrrry? There is a second line between the 3rd foot diamond and the side pocket. It is much lighter but almost the exactly the same 2 ft from the first line. It doesn't visibly affect the ball at all. It is NOT on the slate seam. The third is a line, near the left head rail about a foot from the corner pocket, about 4 inches long. It also seems to have no affect on the ball. But I do see them. I didn't really notice any of them until I had already started cutting pockets. My bad. I'll likely get over it. They may go away with time and use. I expected the rail pieces to be the same length and cut to proper width. They aren't. Almost cost me dearly, but I got it worked out. Pay attention. Duh. If it sounds like I am bashing, I'm not. These are, and I can't state this more clearly, me nitpicking. These verrrrry minor criticisms not withstanding, I have to recommend this cloth. Despite the ham-handedness and slow wit of the obviously age-addled installer, my table is a better place. It plays beautifully, BEAUTIFULLY I tell ya, looks good, and came with simple but clear instructions how to staple that cloth on, though side pocket cutting instructions are a little hazy. Here's a sketch, good luck with it, is sort of what I got out of it, but I think that might be the best that can be done about that anyway. I would definitely buy it again. I'll let you know for sure in a few years.

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