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Carom Cues

A game dating back to 18th century France, carom is in the billiards family, but is also different from traditional pool. Played on a table with no pockets and a different set of rules, it is a game of skill, like pool, that requires certain specialized playing tools to get ahead. Unlike traditional pool cues used for billiards, a cue used for carom has to meet certain design and manufacturing requirements such as a stiffer design to accommodate the fact that the balls are heavier than traditional pool balls, a thicker butt and joint for added stability for impact, and a tip with a smaller diameter compared to pool cues to help with precision. With our selection of carom cues, find the perfect cue to bring your playing of this fun game to the next level. We carry top brands like Longoni and Tiger, ensuring you the highest quality carom products and service available on the market. With our selection of carom pool cues, every option has been crafted with care and precision specifically for the needs of this game for a cue that will deliver with each play.

When choosing carom cues, it is important to find an option that is made with the highest standards. We offer options that have been carefully created by hand from some of the most skilled cue creators from around the world. Choose from carom pool cues in various weights and lengths to find the right choice for your next game. Every one of the cues we offer exemplifies outstanding performance coupled with a stylish visual appeal for a cue of incredible value. Not sure which cue would be best for you? We would be happy to answer any questions and assist you in making the right selection.

At Ozone Billiards, we are pleased to your source for everything related to billiards including snooker and carom needs. We offer a wide selection of top brands at affordable prices so you will always find just what you need for a great game. Call or order online today to add a high-quality cue to your next game!

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