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Okay thatís enough venting (for now) and I hope youíre starting to see where Iím coming from, I want smarter players and less robots. Now letís do some new-age learning and educating. Another pop quiz: How would you play the following three run-outs in rotation starting with ball-in-hand? Go ahead, get your pencils out and diagram your answers before going any further. Really - draw out the table and the path you think your cue ball should be taking, and please donít be afraid of being wrong, Iím here to help you not hurt you.

8 ball on the end rail to the 9ball on the side rail?

Before you go on to see how I suggest you play these shots I would like to say that I believe a faster way for you to improve your game is to play more rotation-type games early on in your pool career, whether by yourself with 3 or 4 ball run outs or against another playing 9 or 10 ball. Playing rotation-type games first or setting up similar situations to the ones above will help you create a larger comfort zone and DEMAND that you at least attempt some advanced and correct cueball paths. 8 Ball and straight pool should definitely be learned and their strategies appreciated but learning them first I believe puts you on the limited comfort zone path and you become too attached to just rolling balls in and settling for the next shot.

3 Position play guide lines & 1 closing thought

#1 Be able to identify and visualize the triangle shaped position zone your cue ball must enter for the next shot.

#2 Attempt to enter that position zone as effectively as often as possible.

#3 Use the rails to control your cue ball speed and direction.

#4 Realize that the difference of playing 90% cue ball paths rather than 95% can easily be the difference between an ďAĒ player and a Pro player and winning or losing a match. Most of our serious amateur players are going the wrong way at least once or twice per rack, sometimes more. WE can change that, you can raise your rating and win more matches by going the correct way, it isnít that hard once you start to see your zones and then have the courage to go for it!

With these in mind letís discuss a few shots.

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