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Air Hockey Tables

You can find Air Hockey Tables by some of the top name brands in the table game industry at Ozone Billiards. We bring you the best quality in air hockey tables with different designs, sizes and colors to best fit your style at a great affordable price. Bring some fun into your game room with one of these beautiful air hockey tables and we guarantee years of enjoyment playing the game.

Air Hockey Tables

A typical air hockey table consists of a large smooth playing surface and a surrounding rail with slotted goals on both ends of the table. Some tables include an electronic scoreboard either on the side rail or mounted over the table. Machinery inside the table and a series of tiny pinholes in the playing surface create a cushion of air which reduces friction and allows the puck to slide around the table quickly, imitating the way a hockey puck moves across a sheet of ice.

Air Hockey tables vary in cost, quality, style and size. Most tables are either 7ft for 8ft long and require electricity. You’ll want to measure the space for the table to make sure you have enough room as well as making sure you will have a sufficient power outlet nearby. Because both players stand at the heads of the table, air hockey tables can often be positioned near a wall rather than in the middle of a room. Air hockey can be a fast and aggressive game. Most tables are designed to stand up to some aggressive play but consider how much use your table will get. Lower cost tables, designed for occasional home use are not designed to hold up to several hours of play every day.

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